Transformation Project Tips

Time to prepare ourselves so that we can start smoothly on Monday with our first Training Plans. For that, we have collected some tips from our community to help you out.

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Start tracking your food

Sometimes we think we are eating right but we don’t get the results we expect. We might be eating the right foods, but not necessarily the right amounts. More, we may think we are eating the right foods when in fact we aren’t. But that is about to change with Goliaz

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Finisher’s voices

You are still a bit reluctant to join The Saga Transformation Project?

Let us hear what finishers of last year’s Project have to say.

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Success Stories

Today, we want to show you that a Goliaz Transformation Project is not just a few months of intense training and nutritional care… the Summer Storm 2020 will be the kick-off for the GOLIAZ LIFESTYLE!

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Personal Trainer Tutorial

The Goliaz Personal Trainer is the most complete Bodyweight Trainer you will ever meet. Still, you need to set it up correctly to take the maximum advantage.

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Get to know the Goliaz app

If you don’t know the Goliaz app yet, let us give you a short tour of what is all included. When you have more questions about a certain feature, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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