The Saga

Transformation Project


You have until Sunday 24h CET to subscribe to the Project and save your Initial Duties.

Fill out our final form until June 24th 24:00h CET to complete the SSTP under
Menu / Members Area / SSTP Final Form


And once again we are starting a GOLIAZ TRANSFORMATION PROJECT. Over the last five years, we have been changing the lifestyle of many athletes. Today, those who have completed the various transformation projects are fitter, more confident, and have embraced a healthy lifestyle.

THE SAGA TRANSFORMATION PROJECT (TSTP) is not just about transforming your BODY or improving your FITNESS LEVEL over its length – TSTP is an approach for a better and healthier life! This means that you will not have strict and restrictive diets, nor will you be asked to do things that do not correspond to a normal and healthy routine. The aim is to find a nutritional and training balance that you can follow in your daily life, so that THE GOLIAZ LIFESTYLE may become a standard and you don’t even want to go back to your old habits. To join you only need a Premium Subscription for normal app use. The TSTP does not imply any additional costs.



The first question you should ask yourself, do you want to participate as CHALLENGER or GUEST?

Are you restricted in time or do you feel uncomfortable sending photos? As a GUEST you do not have to follow the NUTRITION STRICTLY or upload FULL BODY PHOTOS. But you will still be motivated and pushed by the Goliaz Community to obtain great results.

If you want to achieve the best possible results, you should go one step further and go all in! CHALLENGER athletes are the ones following STRICT NUTRITION and uploading FULL BODY PHOTOS. Our Coach uses the photos to create PERSONALIZED TRAINING PLANS that are perfectly adapted to work towards the body of your dreams. You will also get direct guidance from a HUMAN COACH – the GOLIAZ COACH.


Throughout the project, you will also be given the opportunity to decide whether to include WEIGHTS in your training or just BODYWEIGHT. The fact that you decide, for example, for BODYWEIGHT at the very beginning does not mean that you cannot decide to add WEIGHTS TRAINING at a later point.

You will also be able to decide whether you want your training plans to be just INDOOR or also OUTDOOR. Notice that for the GOBEYOND CHALLENGES that are part of the TSTP this is not a choice – if a challenge DAILY DUTY is OUTDOOR it is not possible to perform it INDOOR. Still, the OUTDOOR days of the challenges are reserved for Fridays, so they can be held on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, days when the availability to train or find a place to run is higher.
Of course, we will also have an eye on the current situation in regard to the pandemic.

CROSSTRAINING will always be your option. 


During the TSTP, you will follow  GOLIAZ COACH’s directions and your TRAINING PLANS. They will include the GOLIAZ PERSONAL TRAINER in the app, and very concrete duties on specific dates. The Training Plans also give you NUTRITIONAL VALUES that will complement the training to achieve optimal results. During the TSTP three GOBEYOND CHALLENGES will take place. Two of them will last one month each, one 2 weeks. They will be obligatory for all participating in TSTP.

If you are not familiar with the GOLIAZ PERSONAL TRAINER you can read the blog article “PERSONAL TRAINER”.

We also strongly advice to join one of our GOLIAZ TRAINING GROUPS in the app. There, you will easily meet other athletes that are also participating in the Project and the Challenges.

A little confused? That’s okay. No stress, all info will be detailed soon and everything will be as easy as 321GO!


First steps

If you don't have the Goliaz app on your smartphone yet you can download it now.
You now need to log into Goliaz App and subscribe to the Project by pressing the FISTS in the TSTP POST in the Feed.

Note: At this point, if you do not have a Premium Subscription yet, you will be asked to create one, possibly benefiting from the 2-week Trial Period.

You can also subscribe to the TSTP directly in the CHALLENGE CARDS. Go to the TRAINING SCREEN (the stop watch in the bottom menu), tap on the TSTP card at the top of the screen and press the FISTS. Confirm. Once the fists turn green you’re subscribed.

Now all you have to do is wait for the Initial Duties to be published on February 18. Meanwhile, make sure you have given the app permissions to show notifications. The Coach might send you emails and/or notifications at any time. You don’t want to miss them…



This phase will last from the 25th January to the 17th February. Along this phase CHALLENGERS and GUESTS will learn about every aspect of the project. As complex as everything may seem, it is not. All the information will arrive at the moment due with maximum detail. For now, learn about some important dates.

25th January 12:00 CET
17th February 23:00 CET


The INITIAL DUTIES will be posted on Thursday, February 18th at 2 am. The INITIAL DUTIES will be straightforward – you will perform just a few exercises in the logic of one-minute max (the maximum number of repetitions of each exercise you can do in one minute, with the best possible technique). You have until 24h CET (Central Europe Time) on February 21st (Sunday) to perform them. If you don’t complete them on time, you are out.

18th FEBRUARY 02:00 CET
21st FEBRUARY 23:00 CET



On February 22nd between 00:00 and 6:00, you will receive an email with all the info you will need. You will then fill in a form here on the website. This will be the moment to decide whether you want to be a CHALLENGER or a GUEST. For CHALLENGERS, the email also says which photos are necessary and how you will have to send them. If you don’t upload your photos before 23:00 CET on February 24th, you will automatically change to the GUEST status. Of course only if you’ve decided to be a CHALLENGER in the first place. GUESTS will not have to send photos. In this form you will also have the chance to decide if you want to include OUTDOOR training, CROSSTRAINING (such as RUNNING, CYCLING, SWIMMING and/or ROWING), and if you want to add WEIGHTS to your training routines. After filling in all the info, you will be guided to a web page that will give you further info, and also include your First Training Plan. This Plan will be generic as the Coach has not yet had the opportunity to review the CHALLENGERS’ photos.

22nd FEBRUARY 06:00 CET



In the first week, from the 22nd to the 28th February, we will face “The Saga Transformation Project Challenge”. It will be a benchmark and show your starting point. 
In the last week, from the 14th June to the 20th June, we will meet the same Challenge again to see how much you have progressed. 

14TH JUNE 02:00 CET
20TH JUNE 23:00 CET



In the second week, from the 1st to the 7th of March, you will get your second Training Plan. It will still not be completely customized, but a great Warm-up for the things to come. Use it, to get into the routine of working out regularly and to get used to the app.

01ST MARCH 02:00 CET
07TH MARCH 23:00 CET



On the weekend of 6th to 7th March you will receive your first personalized training plan, comprising one week – 8th to 14th March. GUESTS will naturally receive a plan adapted to their fitness level but without the same tailor made customization as for a CHALLENGER.

08TH MARCH 06:00 CET
14TH MARCH 23:00 CET



Throughout the TSTP we will perform three Gobeyond Challenges. For those who do not know the Goliaz Challenges, we can say that they are a permanent adventure. They are called GOBEYOND challenges because in fact the athletes are bound to go… beyond!!! Enjoy the moment…

11TH MARCH 02:00 CET
06TH JUNE 23:59 CET


In general, this challenge will be more focused on STRENGTH. This does not imply that cardio is excluded or that all athletes will be put in a calorie surplus regime (CHALLENGERS). This analysis will depend solely and exclusively on the COACH’s understanding about what is best for you.

11th MARCH 02:00 CET
11th APRIL 23:59 CET



The second Challenge will be a transition phase between the first mainly strength-focused and the mostly cardio-focused last phase. 

15TH APRIL 02:00 CET
02ND MAY 23:59 CET



TSTP will finish with a CARDIO challenge. This will be for all athletes the stage where the focus is to achieve maximum body definition. You will be and feel incredibly fitter. But you will also be able to proudly show your smile on any sunny beach. #GOBEYOND

06TH MAY 02:00 CET
06TH JUNE 23:59 CET


Between challenges

In these periods the Coach will make a new assessment regarding the transformation of the CHALLENGERS so far, make small adjustments and prepare everybody for the next challenge.

12TH APRIL 02:00 CET
18TH APRIL 23:00 CET
03RD MAY 02:00 CET
09TH MAY 23:00 CET



Here, you will find the answers to most of your questions. Before messaging our support, make sure that you have checked here if you can find the info you need.

Goliaz is a fitness platform, created by a human Coach. Passionate athletes from all over the world use our app to work out and get fitter. We are a great community of athletes that support and push each other.

A Goliaz Challenge mostly runs for 4 weeks and usually has a special goal, like muscle gain or cardio for example. During a Challenge you will get 5 Daily Duties a week, from Monday to Friday. Each Duty consists of one or more workouts that are adapted to your fitness level. For most Duties you will get a goal, for example to stay under a certain time. In case you miss the goal… there will be penalties! 😉 This way you will always try to reach the goals and #gobeyond. That is one of the secrets why Challenges help you improve a lot during a short time. 

If you use Facebook messenger, you can simply use the messenger button here in the lower right corner to drop a message or you can find Goliaz on Facebook. Another option is to email support@goliaz.com.

Only our Coach will see your pictures.

The Project itself doesn’t cost anything. The only thing you will need is a Premium Subscription for the Goliaz app. 

We cannot give any guarantees, we would not be trustworthy if we made that kind of promises. Changing one’s lifestyle is hard work, period. You will need to put in some efforts. But if you do, you will see results. We cannot transform a couch potato to a muscle man in 3 months but we can set the basics and teach you so that you can commence your journey on your own after the Project. What we can say from experience after several Transformation Projects: if you go all in and give your best you will see results. 

To join the Transformation Project you should be over 18 years old. 

Normally, the Coach will give you workouts for about 5 days a week, 30-60min training. But you will be able to choose on which days you want to train and if you prefer to squeeze all into 4 days for example.


Questions about equipment or anything sports-related.

Yes, of course! All the workouts will be adapted to your level of fitness, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced athlete.
If you are very overweight, please consult your doctor first if it is OK to start a demanding workout regimen.

The training will be demanding, yes. But at the same time, every workout will be individualized to your fitness level so it will be absolutely doable.

Health comes first! Make sure that your doctor is OK with you doing exhaustive sports. If you have an OK from your doc, you can join on your own risk. 

Take care! Do not workout sick, when in doubt, consult your doctor. This is not the end of the world. When you are not able to train you should take the time you need to get fit and resume following your Training Plan afterwards. Please just inform our Coach.

If you do another kind of sport that is not covered in the app, track it with a fitness tracker or watch and add the burned kcals yourself. You need to adjust your meal plan for that day, too. But it’s always better to plan.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. 😉 Normally, you don’t need special things but a bit of space to do Goliaz. If you are on holiday and don’t have a Pullup bar for example, you can exclude the exercises during the Personal Trainer setup.

For most workouts you will only need sports clothes, a mat and yourself. For some exercises you will need Pullup bars, a dip station, a box or a jumping rope. In case you don’t have any of those, no problem, you can simply replace these exercises in your Personal Trainer setup.

On the scope of SSTP you will need a Barbell and enough plates to allow you combinations of every +2 kilos. The exercises we will cover will require possibly a horizontal bench too. Example: if the total weight on a Bench Press you have is 40 kilos and you can do for example 10 slow reps with perfect technique and no breaks… then you need more weight.


Let's talk about food!

The app will give you nutritional values consisting of overall calories and macros (proteins, carbs, fat). We will not tell you with which kind of food you reach these goals. If you want to go for a special diet, like Low Carb High Fat, you can choose this option during the Personal Trainer setup. If you are very overweight, please consult your doctor first if it is OK to start a demanding workout regimen.

In this case, please contact us via the Facebook messenger chat here at the bottom right of the screen or drop us an email at support@goliaz.com.

The easiest answer would be: don’t eat it! But we all want to have a bit of fun now and then. 😉 Stick to easy meals like steak and salad instead of those that have all kinds of ingredients mixed and estimate the components. That is better than nothing.

If you don’t want to track your calories, you should become a GUEST. You will not get personalized plans as the perfectly individualized workouts will not help you when you don’t care for nutrtion but you can still profit from our great community and work with a standard Training Plan.

It’s basically the same as with additional workouts, it’s always better to plan. So if you know, you will eat more at a party in the evening for example, eat less for the rest of the day. As those events are very often carb-feasts, eat fewer carbs before it. If you still overate, yes, you can eat less the next day.

Yes, of course you can join. We will add a tutorial on how to track calories soon. If you are just starting to look into your nutrition, it can be very hard to stick to the nutrition goals but over the time you will get used to it and also learn a lot about food.

Start eating clean and search for the best products for the macros Protein, Carbs and Fat…

For Proteins, you should have Eggs, Chicken Breast (clean), Oats, Cottage Cheese, Nuts, Cashews, Pistachios, Greek Yogourt, Skyr Yogourt, Broccoli, Lean Beef, Tuna. Salmon, Quinoa, Lentils, any Fish, Peanut Butter…

For Carbs, Barley, Legumes, Whole-wheat bread, Whole-wheat pasta, Black beans, Quinoa, Oats, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Beetroots, Oranges, Blueberries, Grapes, Strawberries, Apples, Chickpeas, Cherries, Spinach…

For Fat, you should include Avocados, Cheese, Dark Chocolate, Whole Eggs, Fatty Fish (Salmon, sardines, trout,…), Nuts, Seeds, Olive Oil, Peanut Butter, Fat Yogurt, Coconut Oil….